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Mitsubishi Canter

Mitsubishi Canter

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The brand new Fuso Canter, a medium-duty truck that offer safety and comfort with latest technology. Equipped with a Dual Clutch type Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) Duonic 2.0 Engine, the Fuso Canter 14ft truck is able to maximise the power transmission efficiency by switching more quickly between the two clutches and eliminating gear shift shock for smoother car-like driving and comfort. It is also featured with Electronic Stability Program (ESP) that detects the vehicle behaviour constantly through a sensor. It helps to enhance safety by optimising controls of engine power or braking force should a risk of skidding or overturning arise when the vehicle turns on a curve. Besides, an Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), a safety feature that helps to avoid collisions with other vehicles by using radar is mounted centrally in the bumper to monitor the road ahead. It will also detect pedestrian crossing in front of the vehicle.
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